"Devil Took My Beer Again" lyrics - ANIMAL DRIVE

"Devil Took My Beer Again"

Last night I've had a dream
That I thought would never end
Woke up this morning, feelin' sober again
In the backdoor of my van
Someone came and took the shot
All my legacy was gone
And I decided to let it out

This fight never ends
You can't fight the devil's hand
Devil took my beer again
This guy is out of control
Somebody get me a priest
Devil took my beer again
You're damn right he did

Who is gonna save me now
From the real world outside
Who is gonna fight somehow
Takes a real man in the end
To take the beer out of devil's hand

The dirty games you pull
Thinkin' I'm supposed to be your tool
These chains have been torn
When I get in, you were warned
That beer was all I got, that's how bad it is
Abandoned by everyone
With no intention to please