"Goddamn Marathon" lyrics - ANIMAL DRIVE

"Goddamn Marathon"

Blood stained glass
Making a mess
We all just need a change
And somehow I'm the only one awake

It's the same old song, you've heard before
Repeating itself today
People prayin' for holy water
Thinkin' God works for free

I'm gone
It's not illusion
Somebody's gotta make a difference here
So for good, I'll disappear

Roll the dice for paradise, cause
I know hell ain't worth a try
Someday we're all gonna hit the wall
Am I the one
To run a goddamn marathon
Goddamn marathon

Oh, dirty fingers
Wrapped around this twisted net
I wanna dig in, and face another threat
Been to long in the shadows
Couldn't seem to find the light

But now somehow
I feel the strength
Coming from above

Chosen one
Call it what you want
I'm here to take the bullet
For everyone
I'm gone
Yeah, yeah, yeah