"Can't Let Go Of You" lyrics - ARCADE FIRE

"Can't Let Go Of You"

Where we gonna go
I'm gassed up, I'm ready to go
Grab your jacket, Let's hit the road
We can't wait any longer, Let's go

She's looking out the window
And her baby starting to show
From five months ago
So keep driving, keep driving through the snow

I passed by my folks on side of the road, but I'm through it everyone
We can't let go, You can't let go of the wheel
And I pass by my friends on either end, But I'm through it all of them
I can't let go, We can't let go of the wheel

Hoping land for miles is Nebraska in my eye
And we still crystallize
Any longer any longer

Trees and power lines are all dressed in the ice
And we still crystallize
Keep moving keep moving through the eye

See the road swallow us whole, and we're still alive...
But I can't let go, I can't let go of the wheel
And water break on a burning wick and douse the flame kill her quiver
We can't let go, We can't let go of eachother
Shes crying saying it's nobody's fault, shes already a pillar of salt
We're too dissolved, we're too dissolved into the road