"You Tried To Turn Away My Fears" lyrics - ARCADE FIRE

"You Tried To Turn Away My Fears"

You tried to turn away my fears
Shouting metaphysics in my fifteen year old ears
I dreamed all day of sneaking out the window
A sigh for every other breath
When you are joyful I feel better
You catch a cold that lasts forever
A quest and we are hiding in the shadows
Beneath blue blazers and the smell of old books
Your eyes are blue, your voice is deep
In half a verse you sung my whole, whole world to sleep
And in a classroom underground
I am still aching for that old still sound
Then we know that patience is the most important part
What's the point of being patient for a broken heart?
I wish I was as passive as a patient on a table
It seems to me that you will die as soon as you are able