"Blue Blue Marble Girl" lyrics - ARIZONA AMP AND ALTERNATOR

"Blue Blue Marble Girl"

Did you ever have one of these days
When you love the town you live in
And that which doubles for the devil
Is only powder in the big wind
Did you ever have one of these lives
Like you lived around here forever
And the blue marble girl
Even has trouble with her own spin

Blue marble girl
Shoves the day into the night
And a red cap boy
Making his way till he blows it right
Now blow it right
Blow it right
A little more right

Did you ever have one of these nights
Strung out like a string of cracked Christmas lights
And the light that needs your juice
Is the same fuse you have got to refuse


If it's all the same
Is she better off to blame
Except what slipped on
Through her own hands