"Velvet And Pearl" lyrics - ARIZONA AMP AND ALTERNATOR

"Velvet And Pearl"

"Hello darlin' "

Rectify my little lover
Rectify my little girl
Damned if I discover you don't mean all the world
You don't mean all the world

I'm going to buy you a brand new cover
One made out of velvet and pearl
One to keep you warm whenever
I leave for the rest of the world
Got to travel the world

Getting cold there alone anticipating
Cold alone there waiting
Cold there alone waiting on me to get on back from?

Now I'm wrecked if I do
And I'm wrecked if I don't
And I'm wrecked if I will
And if I won't
I'm wrecked most days
I'm wrecked most days
See that fellow, he's a plane wreck
His life is one big train wreck


A little late, a little late
I found you meant all the world