"I Can Sing" lyrics - BARENAKED LADIES

"I Can Sing"

I can sing, I can sing, I can sing better
I can knit a scarf but you can't knit a sweater
When I'm underwater I couldn't be wetter
Never go swimmin' in a mohair sweater

I can dance, I can dance, I can dance faster
I tried to keep up but it was a disaster
One more move and I'm gonna be the master
So crank it up loud on the ghetto blaster

I can eat, I can eat, I can eat more
And when it's not fresh from the local store
There's a little town in Labrador
Where she sells seashells by the shoe store

I can speak, I can speak, I can speak quicker
Imagine I made a way to make everyone currently frowning snicker
And on the guitar he could be a little slicker
Jimmy always said I was a good flat picker