"Silent Flight Parliament" lyrics - BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME

"Silent Flight Parliament"

Prospect 2:
I know what I must do
I'm coming home

Fixed socket threat
Binocular vision
I see all
I hear all
Superior Intellect
I'm the night owl
Build by the alien gods
A necessity to the existence of all life

I return in the day but you won't ever see me
Only my eyes
The blaring yellow sphere
A sharp distortion
The TV screen you stare at night after night
Over and over

You are staring into me
Cut the wires and cut your ties
You aren't what you think
An experiment
They will send us to warn, but that's part of the game as well
Fucking weaklings

I still know what my mind tells you to do
Cut out pieces to form new

Am I me? (Am I he?)
What is he?

It's come to the point of opening the box
Carved in the side are the words:
"Property of the Night Owls.
Smash to unlock the desperate measures"

Am I me? (Am I he?)
What is he?

He is found and I will drag him to his end
It's not selfish if it's what's right
He knows I'm looking for him
This thievery is for the bettering of all humankind
So it seems

Creep in before the rise of the sun
They are sleeping
Holding each other like it's the last...
And it is
Open the valve
Fill the room
Say goodbye to everything

Am I me?

Seek the day
Never again
Weightless in a sea of space

Prospect 1:
Eyes open to the sound of laughter
Like a mighty God casting his spells on the worlds below
The man is me

Jet propulsion disengage
Dancing towards our future
A future towards nothing
A future of nothing

Goodbye to everything