"The Decision" (Prospect 2 speaks):

Built to destroy
Born to compress
Every worry, every idea
Push it deep down
The blood vessel cover
The skin suit of anxiety

Never speak a word
Just do as you're told and compete
For success, for health, for sport...
Climb the mountain of limbs.

Build the walls around me
A covered land mine
Every smile, every itch
A covered land mine
Push it deep down
Put your head under the ground
Worm discussion

Built to destroy
Born to dominate
As I am you
You will never know
Just like all the fools before you
Here, is what we must do...

(She Speaks:)
Was I ever really alive?
Did I stay in his mind?

Goodbye to all I've known
I love you


(Prospect 2:)
Do as we are built, machines for the future
Bright eyed and ready for life
The dual gods of our time
Of all time...
They will never see us coming
Let's end it all.

Start from scratch, patch the uniform
Let the galaxy form a comfortable replacement
We will not be missed
Goodbye To Everything.

(Prospect 1:)
Doing as one's told, a puppet through fear?
The crossed finger clicking sounds
Inner anxiety with a smile

(Will he even know this? Will she notice? I haven't even begun telling her the truth, or telling you about her for that matter.)

Why can't we step back?
Are we really this important?
Just because we can doesn't mean we should
(Let things happen naturally)
Personal resets through selfish release
At least I will enjoy...
The worry slips under the door
(I will never see him or I again)

You won't see me coming.