"Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)" lyrics - BING CROSBY

"Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)"

I was talking to the whippoorwill
He says you've got a corny trill
Bob White, I'm gonna swing tonight

I was talking to the mockingbird
He says you are the worst he's heard
Bob White, I'm gonna swing tonight

Even the owl tells me you're foul singing those lullaby notes
Well, he is a bring down, he never could swing down
He ain't got my high notes

There's a lot of talk about you, Bob
Yeah, they're sayin' you're off the cob
Why, that's heresy, I'll sue

Fake it, Mr. B, yeah go
Take it, follow me, Bob White
We're gonna break it up tonight

Now, here's a wire from the whippoorwill
You mean my old friend Will
Who says you got a mellow drill
Oh, ho, ho, yes, I have

Bob White, oh, ho, ho
We're in the groove tonight

Now, here's another one from the mocking bird
What does he have to say?
That you're the best he's heard
Ho, ho, ho that's too absurd

Bob White, oh, ho, ho
We really stole the light

Even the owl threw in a towel
After you sing staccato
And the flamingo hollered up a jingle
What have we brought to?

Now the consensus of opinion
Oh, ho, ho, what does the consensus say?
That you are a solid will
Ho, ho, ho, yes, I am

Sing on, Mr.B
I'm gonna swing on merrily
Bob White
We really broke it up tonight, Bob