"It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" lyrics - BLACKSTREET

"It's So Hard To Say Goodbye"
(D. Marshall / Teddy Riley)

As you pack your things to leave again
I feel it, wanting you to change your mind
Or maybe it's good that you go tonight
There have been many times before but somehow
We find reason why we shouldn't go our separate ways
Then go and 'cause eachother pain
This can really be the end, how do I erase
All of this love I have inside, I can't bare to see you cry
And as the door began to close on us
Do I just sit and let you go
Or do I call out for you
I'm so confused, tell me what to do

It's so hard to say goodbye
Dry your eyes
(Girl I love you so)
It's so hard to say goodbye
Girl don't cry
'Cause baby girl you don't have to leave, no

I didn't mean to waste your time
But I've known for quite a while you weren't happy
With me and I've had days I wanted to leave
But to think about one day or one night without you
Baby it's the fear of losing love
The kind of love that you need so much
I know you will be alright, you'll be fine
Get a new man someone who helps you live all your fantasies
But girl I don't it's me
Before you go can I hold you
Wipe away your tears, console you
Make you know that my love was true
It's so hard baby saying goodbye to you


How could you just look me in the eye
Forgetting about all the things that were right
How could you just let me go when you know
(All this love I had for you)
All of the promises we made
The good and the bad, we vowed that we'd stay
You would have known that I didn't want to go
(If you had taken the time to just REALIZE)?
But you just let me leave baby