"Ooh Girl" lyrics - BLACKSTREET

"Ooh Girl"
(Teddy Riley / Norman Whitfield)

Let's talk about us
I wanna talk about us
Lets talk about us

Everytime I call a single time
You didn't pop up in my mind (oooh)
Like one more day
Where ever I go what ever I do
I think of you
Your kisses and the way you hug me
The look of passion in you're eyes
Every word you say whenever I'm down
You making me smile baby

Oooh girl I love you so
Never ever ever gonna let you go
Once I get my hands on you ooh
Ooooh girl I love you so
Never ever ever gonna let you go
'Cause baby I'm so into you

Check this,
Oooh girl when you looking at me girl
It makes me feel like I'm your world
And I feel the same
You are my rainbow after the rains done and gone
Oh I just wanna make you mine until the end of time
When clock [?] it will be you and me darling

Ooh girl I love you body
Ooh I love our [?]
And in the bed it's always the best sex we ever had
Ooh girl you're not demanding
You never ask for what I give to you
And I will spend my life strolin' you


Oooh girl
Everytime I see you girl
Wanna taste of you lips
Oh girl I can help myself
Ooh girl I can't stay away from you girl
'Cause you're so inresistible I lose my selfcontrole


Can't stop loving you baby
Let's talk about us
Just you and me