"Kill To Believe" lyrics - BLEEDING THROUGH

"Kill To Believe"

Now what do you want from me?
When I've sacrificed my heart so you can be set free
And time will never cure this disease
I'm only left with tired arms to stop from drowning

This, this is loveless
Love, your love is hopeless

Do you you remember
On that night I couldn't find the words to say I'm sorry
If you recall that night you ripped my heart right out
Before saying I loved you
Do you believe in this?
Do you believe in me?
If you believe in love
Would you believe in me?

So what will you take from me?
I'm the man without a soul, a soul for you to seek
And time will never cure your desease
I'm only left with tired arms to stop from drowning.

Believe in me
I've emptied my soul
Believe in me.
I've killed this disease now
Now, time to shatter your heart
Bring you to your knees
I, I've found the strength to fight on
And stop the bleeding
And I've stopped the bleeding

You're killing, you're not the same to me now got to kill to believe