"Bonus Track" lyrics - BO BURNHAM

"Bonus Track"

Here he is, our little bundle of joy
We did it, honey, it's a baby boy
We'll love him and raise him till he finally leaves us
What should we name him?
How about Adolf?
Little Adolf

He's growin' up like little boys do
He's grown a mustache and he's only two
He's a pyrotechnic and he loves to play with knives
And our little buddy gives the weirdest high fives

Little Adolf
Little Adolf
Little Adolf
Little Adolf
He's a dictator-tot

He get's a little bit angry, but he's smart as hell
And who taught him how to speak German so well?
He doesn't like milk, soda hurts his head
I tried to give him juice this is what he said:

[Spoken Interlude]
I hate Jews

Okay, Hitler, please drink your juice. I'm tired I want to go to bed

Just you know what?
Get the Jews out of here
Out of this house, out of this country, now

Hitler, get the ju-
What do you want me to do with-?

Put the Jews in camps and separate them

Separate juice?
Hitler, what do you want me to do?
Like separate them by flavor
By, like, concentration?

Concentration... ooh

[Chorus Outro]
Little Adolf
He's a dictator-tot