"Gonna Have" lyrics - BOYZ II MEN

"Gonna Have"

A chick always knows what you're goin' do
From the minute they say hi
To giving of their number
From the moment they reply

So don't ever think you've got the upper hand
On believing running games
'Cause your games been peeped even before you're speakin'
Offer her your name
'Cause you'll have her like

Ooh... all giddy she'll be like... ooh
They know they're gonna have sex with you... sex with you
They know from the gate how long they're gonna wait
Man I hear them talk'n and the minute you walk in they know
They're gonna have sex with you... sex with you
If it's the last thing they ever do

See it ain't about the jewels
Or how much dough you got
Not even 'bout the car you drive
But it's the feelin' she gets
When you spit the right shit
You can tell by the look in her eye

So at dinner when you kick it
And you're tryin' to figure out if she's gonna give you some

As long as you stay fresh and you're not acting pressed
Most of all don't say nothing dumb and you'll have her like

Make sure you say all the things that keeps smile on her face
Don't be too cool to express yourself
Even though it might not be your way
If you're around your crew and you happen to do something special
Don't be afraid to tell her it's you
And you won't regret it
So next time your tryin' to find the lines
Or a clever thing to say
Just be yourself and no one else
'Cause your gonna get it anyway

All the ladies if you hear us say yeah
Real soft like yeah
And if you feel us let me hear you say yeah

'Cause we're up on the game that you're playin'
We know what you're sayin'
They know they're gonna have sex with you
See they already decided
They're just tryin' to hide it from you