"The Hennepin Avenue Bridge" lyrics - BRIAN SETZER

"The Hennepin Avenue Bridge"

Father Hennepin went down to Bennigan's
To discuss the construction of the Hennepin Bridge
He had time to kill down by the flour mill
So he planned a picnic lunch on St Anthony Main

Now Father Hennepin he was notorious
And he liked a little drunk down at Nye's Polanaise
His explorations were more than glorious
So they planned to build a bridge that would feature his name

Well, first Niagara and then St Anthony's
Were discovered by the fella with the Hennepin name
But when the lock was filled on the lower falls
Eveyone was shoppin' on the Nicollet Mall

And when the rope was cut on the Hennepin
Father Louis had a most unusual plan
He would take a dip in the Mississippi
He would dive from the centre and swim to the dam

When the time had come and he took the plunge
Everyone screamed: "My God, what has he done"
And though he tried to swim, the current carried him
Closer and closer to the brink of the falls

The people lined the banks of the Mississippi
To watch Father Hennepin go over the edge
The people there that day, they all swear they say
Father Hennepin was laughin' as he fell to his death