"Kate McCannon" lyrics - COLTER WALL

"Kate McCannon"

Well, the raven is a wicked bird
His wings are black as sin
And he floats outside my prison window
Mocking those within
And he sings to me real low
It's hell to where you go
For you did murder Kate McCannon

When I first met Tom McCannon
I was working in the mine
He said he had himself a dark haired daughter
With long green eyes
And when she and I did meet
She was bathing in the creek
Prettiest girl in the whole damn holler
That ain't no lie

So I went a-courtin' Kate McCannon
Got me a job and I quit my ramblin'
And every day I'd save
A quarter of my pay
Till I could buy a diamond ring

Lord, and one day I come home to find
My darlin' angel's not inside
So I made for the creek
Where she and I did meet
And I found her with some other lover

And I put three rounds into Kate McCannon