"W.B.'s Talkin'" lyrics - COLTER WALL

"W.B.'s Talkin'"

The first national bank of dingus time is 10:42

Well hell, welcome back to the show my friends
For those of you who are just now joining us
Like always, it's me it's me your radio friend old WB Walker
And you are tuned in to another mighty fine
Another mighty fine episode here of the Old Soul Radio Show
For those of ya who's been with us for the durations of tonight's broadcast
You just heard the first half of the brand new release
From a young man north of the border, old Speedy Creek's own
Old brother Colter Wall
Most of you who's been fans of the show for a while now
You probably remember about a year ago or so I featured the debut release
Of Colter Wall here on the Old Soul Radio Show
A little number by the name of "Imaginary"
Appalachia, I tell ya I've been doin' this radio thing for a while now
And the response that I received from you all, is something' that I'd never received before
Or since that broadcast right there aired
To my understanding, you all enjoyed Colter's music pretty damn good
But I'll just tell you how it is, I've been a fan of country music as long as I can remember
And a talent like Colter Wall, I'm tellin' ya, it don't come around too damn often
So as you can imagine, to be able to debut the latest self-titled release from old Colter Wall here on the Old Show Radio Show
Absolutely means the world to me
But hell, I don't know about you all but I absolutely cannot wait to hear what else old brother Colter Wall has in store for us on tonights broadcast
So I reckon its about time for me to quit rambling and get my big ass on up
And let this old record over so hell, let's get to the music
Here's the second half of that self-titled release from old Colter Wall
You're on W.B. Walker's Old Soul Radio Show
But first, a quick word from one of our fine sponsors
Here at the station, our own