"Atlas" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE


Atlas shrugged his shoulders and the whole world moved
He didn't care he thought he was alone
The new electric gypsies learn to play the blues
When you care too much you'll know you're on your own

The whole world's runnin' downtown just to buy a gun
Fear and loathing punctuate the pain
So many branches wither from the Tree of Life
Has all this been in vain?

Mother Mary, save the babies
Now gentlemen and ladies
I fear the time has come
Mother Mary, save the babies
Ah, gentlemen and ladies
Atlas shrugs his shoulders
But he knows not what he's done

I can see the whole world marching in a gray parade
Hooded horsemen keep them all in line
The Watchman counts the silent falling grains of sand
It's plain to see we've wasted all our time