"The Street" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"The Street"

We're leavin' here don't look back
It's a dead end, kid, it's a cul de sac

In a sultry rut you made the scene
Now you're all washed up but you can't get clean

Step into the future
Step out of the past
Nothing lasts
And just when you're thinking
You've got'em beat
They open the door and put you out in the street again

Had a two-tone Coupe de Ville
And clothes that made you fit to kill
But they jack your dream like it was a joke
With a greasy hand and a constant stroke
Like a dog on the corner can't raise his head
You settled for liftin' your leg instead

It's midnight now on Chicken Row
Where the Street Hearts wait for Daddy-O
At the end of the line there are no stairs
And the future lurks in darkness there
Sign on a wall I saw yesterday
Said, Don't forget the SLA