"The Delta Queen" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"The Delta Queen"

Poets, preachers and other creatures
Are bound to sing her praise
But you'd better get bo'ded
Good and loaded
Cuz all hell will be raised

When the Delta Queen comes rollin' down the river
Hear that whistle, steamboat's round the bend

Calliope is bound to start you hummin'
"Way Down Yonder In New Orleans" again
Can't you hear that old brass band a-playin'
Givin' the Queen a round of Auld Lang Syne
Stoke her up and get that big wheel turnin'
Smokin' down the river one more time

Ramblers, gamblers, lovers, losers
She'll make you want to forget your blues, sir
Lovely ladies, ragtime babies
You better get on your dancin' shoes

When the Delta Queen goes rollin' down the river
Dry your eyes the good times have to end
Smokestack blowin' see that red wheel churnin'
In your dreams you'll ride her once again

Oh, the Delta Queen is rollin' down the river
Hear that whistle steamboat's round the bend