"Steel Guitar" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"Steel Guitar"

Carole once told me she dreamed she was pretty
And lived in a very cool part of the city
With a man who came home every evening at six
And begged her to play him country licks
On her steel guitar
Show biz tricks on her steel guitar

Her Pa'd been a welder during the war
And he played country music every night till four
With some drugstore cowboys who could pick and grin
And if you let it all out they'd bring it back in
On a steel guitar
They'd go from hell to breakfast on a steel guitar

He taught his daughter to drink whiskey like water
And go for the man who had something to offer
He said to her, Baby, you can go very far
With an easy laugh and a steel guitar
A steel guitar
You don't need a man, you got a steel guitar

Jack was a rambler, he'd been around Nashville
He knew all the tricks and he sure wasn't bashful
When he sas Carole playing steel guitar
He said to her, Mama, we could sure go far
On your steel guitar
We could make it together on your steel guitar

Make a short story longer they had a couple of children
Jack went to war and the enemy killed him
Carole got his pension and a purple heart
And every night till two she tears them apart
With her steel guitar
Says, You don't need a man with a steel guitar

She plays country music and she's paid up her dues
You ought drop in if you got nothing to lose
She can steal a guitar, steal a heart
And they come every night to get torn apart
By a steel guitar
She's got a Sho-Bud Special, it's a steel guitar