"Saturday Morning" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"Saturday Morning"

When I was a kind I used to go to school
Tried to treat everybody right and live by the golden rule
Now I've gotten to be a man I find the rules don't work
Try to treat everybody straight they take you for a jerk

It's Saturday Morning
And there's no school today

Maybe you got the answer, there's no question anymore
If you don't know whose side you're on you ain't been keepin' score
Hey, what's happenin', Baby? Go ask Old Mr. Jones
Cuz he's been lock-and-loadin' while you been rollin' stones

And it's Saturday Morning
And there's no school today

Baby, I ain't the doctor and there ain't nothin' I can do
But the medicine you've been takin' ain't no good for you
You'd better listen to me, get hip to what it's about
Cuz it's already Saturday morning and school has just let out