"The Drover" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"The Drover"

I met him there in Pioneer Square
In an empty bottle of muscatel
He said, Here's my song
And where I've gone
I'll tell ya boy I've gone to hell

"Hear my say, I've lost the way
I've burned the bridge behind me
And Lord above there ain't no one
I ever loved can find me

Hope you understand
Sometimes you never can
Go back home again, boy
Go back home again

"The drovers call from South Saint Paul
I rode in from Dakota
On the midnight freight
They made me wait
Said they had their quota

I was just a kid, I hit the skid
Hard drinks and easy livin'
Think what ya please
But a sour disease
Can come from the sweetest women

It was shortly after pickin' time
He was madder than a hatter
Here's his song, and where he's gone
It doesn't really matter

I left him there in Pioneer Square
Skid Road in Seattle
The wind had dried his mind inside
And left him with a rattle

"Can you spare a man a dollar
To buy some peace of mind
Son, at least get off a quarter
I need a shot of wine"