"Leviathan" lyrics - DARK FUNERAL


Along the mountains lie
Like mirrors in the dark
Worlds of endless depths drowned in waves
Under the light of the moon
Across the raging sea the giant serpent crawl
Through the night, far below the surface
Like a raving echo from the past
The great Leviathan rise


For where he roam there is no peace, no stone will ever stand
The end is nigh and day becomes a memory to slowly fade
When he rise from the abyss, to slowly drag us down
To tear apart what we have built and show us all the end of the world

The great Leviathan!

In from the west he strikes and sink his teeth into the hands
And mind and soul and memories of fading hopes and futile dreams
As he rise from the abyss, constricting every man
To swallow whole our hearts and souls and bring us to our destiny

The great Leviathan!
Great guardian of the void, ascend from the pitch black sea


Below the fading moon and the sky
The winding of time and space desists
And the light horizon is transformed
By the blackness of our hearts

And from the big black hole that holds the dark of every man
The precipice, the dark abyss, the well we have been drinking from
We arise anew to face a day devoid of light
To moult our skin and rip to shreds the things that we are leaving behind

The great Leviathan!