"In Blue" lyrics - DEBBIE GIBSON

"In Blue"

Summers over and my dear so is he
Over me now oh so suddenly
Onward downward cared so much it scared him
I wanted to walk peacefully
But in dramatic fashion out of hurt and passion's sword
At his feet both hands pulled the cord

I guess he likes me in blue
Those tears they make him feel like a man
After I gave all that I am
He loves to see me cry
Thought we would grow old together
But at the first sign of bad weather
He left me holding the shoe
Midnight my prince he just flew
I guess he likes me in blue

Tried to hold on
But it pulled me under
Left to wonder
Is there something wrong with me?
Said 'no baby'
But I don't believe it
'Cause his actions spoke ever so clearly
And oh
Out of foolish pride
As he veered
I stood by his side


Say it isn't so
Say I have my pride
My big sin you ask
Is I tried, I tried
Lovers on death row
Destined for the fall
When did that wind blow?
We could've had it all


It's not my favorite color...