"Jaded" lyrics - DEBBIE GIBSON


When you hurt that deep
When the knifes that sharp
When the arrow's aimed right for your heart
When you trust enough to let him in
Then the games begin
When the stakes are just a bit too high
And danger is waiting to take away your innocence
It's not you, It's me
It's just

I'm jaded enough to keep up my defenses
I never thought it could happen to me
I'm a cynical girl
Seeing life through the lenses so I don't get hurt again
Jaded I am

I'm talking to myself how could this be
No one's ever made a fool of me
No one's had the power, held the key to open up that door
Then slam it in a blink, in a fatal twist
Turned inside out I live with this
Day in, Day out
I must begin again

[Chorus 2x]

Trusting in no one is no way to go on
I know, I know, I know
Someone tell my heart that bleeds on and on
How could I ever take a lover into my trembling arms

[Chorus 2x]