"Paradise Bar" lyrics - DEEP PURPLE

"Paradise Bar"

Hey, it was later in September and the leaves were on the ground
A night chill?in?the autumn air?as I pushed the pedal down
The?road was slick, I drove too quick and lost it on a bend
I overtook the future, went beyond the bitter end
I'm in paradise

An old man in a pick-up truck offered me a ride
Somehow he knew where I was going, invited me inside
He floored me with weird looks, said "Let's go find a bar"
The band is pretty good with Jimi Hendrix on guitar
I'm in paradise
At the paradise bar

You have to cry no tears
Oh baby, I'm alright here

They said "You'll never go up there, you'll end up down below"
Didn't quite turn out that way, but how were they to know?
And I'm somewhere else entirely, the drinks are all for free
My paradise is everything I wanted it to be
I'm in paradise
At the paradise bar