"Relinquishment Of Spirit And Flesh" lyrics - DIMMU BORGIR

"Relinquishment Of Spirit And Flesh"

King of tempests and storms
Lord of innumerable figures and forms
Blessed with Thy cold I am
As I upon the shoulders of mine
Bear the burden of Thine

Once I got touched by a fire from beyond
An invitation of darkness of which I colud not resist
Caressed by the feathers of the fallen
I took the fate in my hand

My raging Commander
My constant Shade
My soul's Persecutor
My eternal Divinity

Revealing Thy powers in visions and dreams
Invoking Your magic at night
Honored I am to mission Thy word
Within a creed is sworn of majestic might
An infernal allegiance in which I pay my share
An unholy awakening inside of which I intend to bear

Beholding Thy commotion

I entreat You with devotion
I subsume Your might with strength
I will carry on with You as my guardian
Against the lambs of the light

Possessed by the true god of earth I am
Possessed for eternity