"The Night Masquerade" lyrics - DIMMU BORGIR

"The Night Masquerade"

A scarlet sunset
The threshold to nightplay
A sinful oath is to be sworn
A beckoning bloodlust
Among the seekers
Tyrranic hunger yearns

A gathering in flames and fires -
Devil's daughters dance
Scourged in filth, obscene and lewd -
Longing for dark desires

The nocturnal beast appears
In an evil despotic shape
Expectant watching gracelessly
Before demanding the sluts of lust

Before demanding the sluts of lust

(The Beast:)
"Come forth harlots, let's begin!"

(The Beast approaches:)
"Rise and give praise in front of Me
And receive eternal life from Me!
Welcome my spirit in honor of Me!
So drink of the blood I provide you
And you shall all forever wander in
The shadows of death...!

(The chanting whores:)
"Oh yes, Master! Let us receive
Thine offer and drink with Thee!
And become a part of Thy realm
With lust, sex and sodomy -
For we are those who seek life eternally...!

(The Beast):
"Blood is life and it shall be all ours!"