"Loving You Is Killing Me" lyrics - DION

"Loving You Is Killing Me"
(Dion Dimucci / Bob Smith / Bill Tuohy)

There's a lead-fed silence in the air all around
I can't take it any more
It's a rip-trip hammer and I'm feeling the sound
I never felt it before
I'm a dazed-crazed victim of a tragic mistake
Girl, we can not go on
With this tear-fear tremor of a major earthquake
I just try to hang on

Loving you is killing me
It's life or death, girl, can't you see
So if you love me then set me free
Let go, let love, let it live

There's a rag-tag army fighting inside my brain
A-bomb is bound to blow
It's a worn-torn tremor of emotional rain
Someone's just got to say no
In the mud-flood battle of raw nerves of steel
Mine have just melted down
And the tense-fence guarding me from all that I feel
I just collapsed to the ground


It's the non-stop pressure of a lifetime with you
I've just got to unload
There's no quick-fix solution anyone can do
My head is ripe to explode
It's a mad-bad feeling and there's no way out
No one's going to reform
It's a rough-tough tremor and it's got me worn out
I'm like a leaf in a storm

[Chorus 2x]

Let it go, let it flow