"Tower Of Love" lyrics - DION

"Tower Of Love"
(Dion Dimucci / Bill Tuohy)

I guess we can't help it
The moment just found us
The timing was perfect, the energy boundless
We both read each other, words aren't necessary
Like dancers in rhyme, we're involuntary

We think as one person without concentrating
I'm high on your laughter, it's intoxicating
We walk on the ceiling, the walls can't contain us
Together we're flying, the angels can claim us

You bring the dream
I'll bring the power
We'll blend it together
We'll build a tower of love
You'll bring passion
I'll bring desire
Then we'll light the sunrise, turn it to fire
And love
Turn it to love

You see the rhythm fits perfect, it's cooperation
I can't stand in one place, it's anticipation
With all of this feeling, the whole world can't cage us
My heart beats with your heart and it's contagious