"Not Since Breakfast" lyrics - DISCIPLE

"Not Since Breakfast"

After forty times of hitting snooze
I slip on the shirt and grab my shoes
I head to work to pay my dues
Just another week of the same old stuff
Work my fingers all the way to the bone
I'm polite to customers on the phone
My body's working but my mind is gone
I just can't wait to get home

And shut the door grab a praise cd and turn it up
Take the phone off the hook and turn the light off
Lay down lay my head back
And clear my thoughts (Psalm 1:2)
Hey God it's me

I've been waiting for this time all day long
So we could be all alone
To worship You with my heart
My soul, and my mind (Mark 12:30)
And leave it all behind

Separate all my laundry clothes
Repaired the hole in the vacuum hose
Wiped the grime off the toilet bowl
Gotta do the dishes before I mow
Then do three sets of eight on chest
'Cause I gotta keep my shape in check
Everything else I do will have to wait
'Cause I got a very important date