"Whether They Like It Or Not" lyrics - DISCIPLE

"Whether They Like It Or Not"

Here we are
You know what we're about
You don't have much to figure out
Not of this world but it's where we dwell (John 17:16)
And we don't want to see people go to hell
The time has come gotta get it right
He just might come tonight (Matthew 24:42, Luke 12:40)
He knows who we are
He's numbered our hair (Matthew 10:30)
And we act like we don't even care
Gotta lift Him up because He is God
And stop meandering with this rock facade
I gotta love with all that I got (Mark 12:30)
And we're gonna praise Him like it or not

I am, I am not
I'm not ashamed
Of the gospel of Jesus
I am not ashamed
We're gonna preach it
'Cause it's the power
For salvation whether they like it
Whether they like it or not (Romans 1:16)

Gotta be bold and speak His name (Acts 4:29)
For the love and not for the fame
He sees our life He's numbered our days (Psalm 90:12)
It won't be long before we're
Caught away (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)
There's so many people that might die today
That you know that you had the chance to say
That Jesus loves them, He'll forgive them (2 Chronicles 7:14)and give them a life that they never had

They're gonna preach it!
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