"Sea Island Lonely" lyrics - DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS

"Sea Island Lonely"
(Patterson Hood)

Flew in from the west coast
Just in time for last call
This place is way too fancy
I'm never quite prepared for the heat of Southern fall

The guy in the lobby
Played piano as I came in
I gave him the stink-eye
But I wish I could play piano half as good as him

I'm Sea Island lonely
If you see me in the morning
Won't you please say something kind to me
Won't you fix me a cup of coffee
And tell me that you love me
That this life is how it's meant to be
How it's meant to be

Now the driver in the front seat
He's been more than patient
Waiting for me to catch a buzz
To drink another cold beer
Put on a dry shirt
So we can make that drive to Jacksonville

I'm flying to New York City at 5:30 in the morning
Sleepwalking south of Houston all alone
I'll just catch myself a different bus
And look up at bright lights
And revel in the darkness of my songs

Sea Island lonely
It's a wonder that it's only
Written in the wind that carry me
I'll fix you crunchy bacon and make your eggs less runny
And thank you for the way you take care of me
You take care of me
You take care of me

Sea Island lonely
Don't even try to telephone me
'Cause reception is dissolving rapidly
I'll call you in the morning
When New York City lights are dawning
To convince you it's how it's meant to be
How it's meant to be
How it's meant to be