"The Unraveling" lyrics - DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS

"The Unraveling"
(Patterson Hood)

Something's gonna happen when you pull that string
About to take the stitching off of everything
The unraveling is happening

The pressure to be perfect made you wind so tight
Worked all day, and tossed and turned at night
The unraveling is happening

You stripped your screws and you broke your spring
The gears you grind are mighty stiff
I drive that car right off a cliff
Shift your hip as the music plods
Burned your bridges down and throw your rods

No matter how you break it down
Your friends all scatter when the shit comes down
The unraveling is happening
Whole world comes apart right at the seams

You sometimes think you could be so free
If you drove a little faster into that tree
Well hide your feelings in the sound so loud
Smile so big and walk so proud

Your family's in horror cuz you're off the rails
Tears spilled all along the bloody trail
The unraveling is happening
You lost it all, and you had everything