""Saliva Can Only Take So Much"" lyrics - FRANK ZAPPA

""Saliva Can Only Take So Much""

Spider: Saliva can only take so much
Louis: Well I got sores. I got my skin burnt uh cut open a couple times. It felt good. Wow, it felt good. And I really, I really climaxed
Girl #1: Ahh. In other words, we never even had . . . Ahh
Girl #2: We didn't have a chance, baby (Laugh). These holes are just the right size
Girl #1: They really look like it, yes . . . indeed, indeed
Girl #2: Right . . .
Girl #1: Indeed
Girl #2: Yeah
Gilly: And here's a grave
Girl #1: Yeah
Girl #2: A grave?
Gilly: Yes, a grave