"It's Only Goodbye" lyrics - GENTLE GIANT

"It's Only Goodbye"

Strange though we made it, in those days that were bare
What pulled us through them, something was there.
I can remember, drifting apart,
Thoughtless ways much stronger,
As the time grew longer
One for one not always,
Then you said to me...

(*)It's only goodbye, a smile and a cry, and suddenly over, when
(*)I think of you know, in kindness allow. My memory lingers, then
(*)It's only goodbye, my strength telling lies, Just facing what had to be.

Mixed my reflections, did we think it was real
Was it forever, fear not, just feel.
You had your troubles, yes I had mine.
Weren't we both for sharing, No not really caring,
I would realize that, when you said to me...