"Rock Climber" lyrics - GENTLE GIANT

"Rock Climber"

(*) Rock climber, Good-timer, Backstager, All-nighter
(*) Rock climber, Good-timer, follows the songs through the night
(*) In the night
(*) Backstager, All-nighter, Fills you with praise till it's light.

She's waited for you (or me). She saw you there on T.V.
And said you looked good, not like you could, You're better in life you see.
Remember her friend last year, Knew John with the lighting gear,
You've such a nice face, what time what place,
Do you want to meet me tomorrow not there, she's a...

(*) REPEAT.....

And then when she's in your room, it's over she calls your tune.
She crazes your head, takes you to bed,
All over for her too soon.
No tears when you say goodbye, You'll write, well you say you'll try
She goes like a dream, to dream new schemes,
Tonight there's more faces, in all the same places, she's a...

(*) REPEAT.....