"Caught In A Trap" lyrics - GILLAN

"Caught In A Trap"

I'm amazed by the fact that you noticed me
And I'm crazed by your simple delicacy
I'm amazed by the shape of your pedigree
I'm amazed by the taste of your filigree
I'm amazed by my lost sensitivity
Gone in days of adventure and piracy
I'm amazed at my own eccentricity
In a haze of electricity

In the gateway
Trapped in the gateway
Look where I'm going
Look where I've come from
Down going round
Screaming no sound
No sky no ground
I'm caught in a trap

I'm amazed by this feeling of ecstasy
In a phraze misaligned so incurably
To the ways of all creatures of fantasy
Loosely based round the fears of reality
I'm amazed by the weakness of gravity
I'm amazed by this binding depravity
Take away all the legends and mystery
You'll be dazed by your history