"Long Gone" lyrics - GILLAN

"Long Gone"

Say what you're going to say
I'll never turn you away
But you'll never make me stay
Pray for whatever is real
And if that's how you feel
You've made a better deal

I'll come back when the trees stop growing
I'll stand still when tide stops flowing
I'll look around when there's no fire burning
I will not return

Send love to my lover
Love to my brother
I'm gone long gone
Send love to the old ways
Love to the city haze
I'm gone long gone

Tears in your beautiful eyes
You've got too many fears
But I'm really not surprised

I'll come back when the kids stop playing
I'll stand still when the grass stops swaying
I'll look around when there's no complaining
I will not return

Long gone out of this place
Long gone it's not what you think
Long gone don't want a new face
It's not what you think