"Happy Disposition" lyrics - GLENN TILBROOK

"Happy Disposition"

I can't swim like the man from Atlantis
And my cooking sometimes you abuse
In our snapshot of time circumstances
We're together once in a Blue Moon
In a national park in Queensland Australia
Driving slowly in low gear
Find a shady spot by the lake and
For a couple of weeks our home is here
Pitch our tents, chairs, cooker and tables
In the darkness we all feast our eyes
On the Southern Cross and Milky Way
In the cinerama of the skies
Three months later, we're back in London
We're just at home the other side of the world
Though it's winter now, and it's drizzly
It's so good to be here with my boys and girl
As the quality time clock keeps ticking
With no knowledge of the day to day
Under the same roof all together
But tomorrow we go separate ways
There are no lights to sully the sky
I run out of things to do
In our house tonight
We're together me and you
I run out of things to do