"Little Ships" lyrics - GLENN TILBROOK

"Little Ships"

Little ships sailing away, your sextant set for the sun
I've tried my best to show you how life can be cruel and fun
You will soon un-tether yourselves and then quietly slip from my grasp
I have loved you from your first breath and always will till my last
Little ships sailing away, into new unchartered waters
You may meet with little Bo Peep or Captain Birds Eyes daughter
Anything can happen to you I will always hear what you say
Now it's up to you to decide between what's bad and what's OK
Scupper, boson, any port in a storm
And the home fires still burning and warm
And your rations are caviar or quorn
Whoever you're attracted to it's your choice and it's OK
On a solo life adventure
Little ships sailing away to a hopeful happy ending
I know from time to time it's our money you'll be spending
But I never counted the cost
Though I'm happy I'm slightly lost
It's another bridge I'll cross
Saying goodbye my little ships, goodbye my little ships