"Pain Is A Master" lyrics - GOJIRA

"Pain Is A Master"
(Joe Duplantier / Mario Duplantier)

Crawling and moaning in the sharp blade of grass
All my life starting over, blood spilt inside out
I went through this cycle of pain deep in myself
Destroyed by awful hands, a demon of illusion
The pain now awaken, I'm cracking wide open
Can barely recognize my body, a battlefield
Unquestioned pride once so fragile, I cannot even
Recall names or faces those standing on my side

Those standing on my side
Always my side

I am nothing, the pain awake is forging me
Face down, inert
Forcing me, dreams haunting me
I am immense, I am awake, renewed

Lost in the darkest time
I know I felt their presence
Even if I was blind, face down, I was blind
Pain, please, forgive my ignorance, my master