"Planned Obsolescence" lyrics - GOJIRA

"Planned Obsolescence"
(Joe Duplantier / Mario Duplantier)

Created weakness for the numbers on the board
Absurd amount of things, obsolete creation
The lust for always more, indulgence in hunger
A greed for power, the demon needs to feed

From cradle you've been taught how to rule and conquer
The Devil smiling, no, this isn't real
Black vultures in the mist approaching, now closer
The end is coming, we'll take it from there

A message goes to all the souls
To all those staying, face turned to the ground
All you hold the key to infinite power
That has always been here and forever
Every time you step out, raise your voice
Resurrected from the ground

Designed for failure
Behold the waste is burnt to the ground
Face down and broken
We dedicate our essence to this game
No better time, let's dream on, wish for better
You're on an elevated sense of greater
These engines, power crushing down

One day we'll wake up from this absolute nonsense
A star long worshipped will burn in the red
Disused and empty shell, icon of an old world
Conscience awakened, we'll take it from there