"Eat That Phone Book Coda" lyrics - GONG

"Eat That Phone Book Coda"

Now if you want to know just how to
Tune into the vibes of the planet
Nobody else can tell ya
Everybodies got their own way to do it
Oom pa pa zoom de zoom
A cuppa hubba dubba
Oom pa pa zooom de zooooom
Oom ticky oooh tea oooh
A triple cuppa tripper
Oom ticky oooh tea oooh
All that you got to do is get y'self together
Dont dither do it
Then when yr gong y can't go wrong
Cos you become the song
C'est la planette
Yesterday I climbed a tree
Nearer to the gong to be
The planet was I realised
One of the spots before my eyes

O mamy maia I pray for a banana
Bananana nirvana manana

At the end of the day
When theres nothing left more to play
And yr all alone
'Cept for radio gernome
Here's yr angels egg for breakfast in the morning

Bye bye