"Love Is How Y Make It" lyrics - GONG

"Love Is How Y Make It"

I left my body on my bed
I flew away inside my head
To dive right through the moon and find
A perfect world inside my mind
I want to take you there
Smiling through your hair

That is why I sing this song
And why there is a band called Gong
Voices in our heads are calling
Ringing bells and singing tales of
How this world could be
If only we could learn to melt together
Make such lovely weather

Maybe we will blow it like in bygone ages
Maybe we will make it if we care
You'll be there
We'll be there - love.

Love is how you live it / give it / make it / take it
First you make it with your body
Everything you give to share
When you come together then your
One with lovers everywhere

Give a little wink - you know
- just who the pot head pixies are
Have a little think
Have another drink
You know...