"Broadcast" lyrics - GORDON DOWNIE


The sun rises with no sound
And broadcasts only the required amounts
And as it ensouls the lake
We see a small puff of smoke from far away

It's a Great Laker
Pink in the rising sun
Dropping off something

A big freighter
Pink on the horizon
It's picking up something

The sun leaves the day denounced
And broadcasts only the entire amount
As four apples wash ashore
We look out and there, we see some more

There's a Laker
Pink in the setting sun
Dropping off something

The moon comes up big and round
And broadcasts only its small amounts
We're no good but we're organised
We look out and there, on the lake's a light

A Great Laker's light
If it's showing green
It's dropping off something

If it's showing red
Coming from the right
Out of the west
Into the night

On the working lake
Moving with the wind
It's picking up something

Our beautiful due
Our hearts open wide
Just me and you
Fourteen inside

Standing by the lake
Faces to the wind
Picking up something