"Gone" lyrics - GORDON DOWNIE


The sun is quitting
It's not the end of my race
Though night is dispatching
Savages at a furious pace

Silver and violet
Shadows run the lawn
I got my antlers in the thicket
Of a dream where you're gone

You're gone
And I'm not in your heart
You're gone

Black hand painted across my mouth
I'm out of things to say
I am a few feet from myself
With a promise to stay

As the wind inclines
The waves hit your dock
My scarf is flapping something wicked
Like it's trying to talk

Saying, "You're gone
Yeah, if you're not in her heart
You're gone

Gone like that pink star
Up there in the sky
Gone and feeling half-real
On the edge of your life"

Come on, come on
I can still push air, I'm not an act
Am I invisible to you now?
Wait, don't answer that

I'm going to wake up
Where I was on your lawn
Where shadowy dreams are disappearing
In the light of your dawn

And am I in your heart?
Or gone?