"Nothing Again" lyrics - GOV'T MULE

"Nothing Again"

We all tried to warn you-but you already knew
So you blame it on jealousy-you say the rumors are untrue
But you feel yourself slipping away

You awoke from a dream-things were different than now
You were gonna be a superstar-Elvis was teaching you how

You met a man in a suit-he said "Sign on the line
But you'll need a little something to help you unwind"

You got to ride like Hell-your face into the wind
One day you're everything-then you're nothing again

We all know that the journey means more than where you wind up
But they don't know what it's like to drink from your cup
Still they got something to say

You met a girl on the highway-she made you feel like a man
But somewhere along the way-your poor heart just caved in

So you smoke a little that and you drink a little this
And soon you can't separate the misery from the bliss


Anyone can be blinded-caught up in the lust
But we all must go back-back to our own dust
Back to yesterday

One cold night in the sixties-in a small town serene
A young boy sits and stares at a black and white screen

He's caught up in the rhythm,the words,and the sound
And it feels just like a ticket out of this town

[Chorus 2x]